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We are a non-profit grant writing & investment firm that works with public & private investors to move capital into communities around the world. People and institutions invest through our Community Investment Note.  We pool those dollars to make loans to roughly 1000 mission-driven organizations worldwide that have a social and/or environmental focus.

Lang Capital Group’s (LCG) makes impact investable. We exist to create a more equitable financial system that offers opportunity for all, and we seek to fulfill this mission through both the grant funding, investments in our portfolio-and by sharing our knowledge and expertise with the field.

We raise capital from public & private investors and allocate that funding to business and community leaders creating financial returns and sustainable social and/or environmental outcomes. Our investors are a diverse group. They are institutions and individuals, mutual funds and banks, churches and congregations, financial advisors and their clients, foundations and family offices. Some are new to impact investing and many are veterans who have been investing with their values for decades. Some invest $20 and others invest $20 million. Collectively, they are changing the way investment decisions can and should be made. 

Many of the organizations we fund to are seeded with equity or capital that allows them to prove their model and demonstrate their value. Over time, these organizations grow in their capacity and require more capital to scale their work. This is where we come in. Our investments provide a bridge for our clients from concessionary capital to the capital markets and mobilize funding to work in communities.

At LCG, the expertise we have honed over the years is reflected in every client’s project that we manage. We help our client’s organization adapt to a changing environment and guide their non-profit and/or community growth through a number of services including Grant funding, Private Investment, fundraising, risk analysis, strategic planning, and internal control design.


Our team of consultants are committed to our firm and invest in our clients mission, so we are built upon the entrepreneurial spirit that made us pioneers in small cap value, persuades us to invest to our convictions and gives us the freedom to continue doing what we do best as we relentlessly pursue outstanding returns for clients. The LCG team is driven by the belief that investing can make the world better.


Our patient funding philosophy has fueled our outperformance since our founding in 1997.


Our focus on attractive intrinsic value has evolved strategically into our three approaches:

  • Deep value: Seeking low correlation; low risk, high returns; private-equity-like, but with greater liquidity, better transparency and lower fees

  • Asset-backed facilities or other direct, collateralized investments, where appropriate

  • Global: Targeting absolute and relative long-term outperformance with lower risk

  • The vast majority of our funding solutions are through public grant funding and private equity investor referrals. Please note that we generally do not fund start-ups. Our funding size starts from $1 million.

  • If you are interested in seeking funding from Lang Capital Group, please email amber.patterson@langcapitalgroup.org

    • Patience: We seek long term, mission-driven impact.

    • Independence: We invest to our convictions, not to benchmarks.

    • Expertise: We specialize in top-down fundamental research.

    • Teamwork: We work collaboratively with a shared commitment to excellence.

Our Team


MA, in Counseling Psychology; PhD/Organizational Psychology

Lang has helped clients obtain more than $166 million in funding from government agencies and private foundations including for non-profit organizations, research institutions, and small businesses from Federal agencies and departments such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Department of Defense (DOD), and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Although her background is in the social sciences, Lang has extensive experience and success with INTERNATIONAL proposals involving basic and clinical science, institutional improvement, student support services, workforce development, and other areas.

Lang’s expertise is in building fundraising department infrastructures as well as developing solicitation strategies for donors across multiple giving channels. She leads the business development and grant/research activities for nonprofit organizations worldwide; as well as developing strategies and partnerships to increase the flow of capital to the social sector.


MSW, University of Michigan, Yale University-Child Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut

Drew C Taylor brings a wealth of operational experience to the Lang Capital Group (LCG), his 30+ year history in process improvement, organizational structure analysis, forecasting and client acquisition are at the core of his business foundation.


Drew has transformed struggling businesses with his analytical approach to problem solving enabling him to maximize efficiencies and generate measurable month over month (MOM) revenue growth. 

The key to Drew’s success is in the broad spectrum of his ability allowing him to carry a concept from creation to implementation, from team development to product placement and ultimately from Dream to Reality. 


Prior to joining LCG, Drew held leadership positions with three Fortune 100 companies and two Fortune 500 companies those positions uniquely honed his skills in management (project and personnel), business operations, sales, marketing and even corporate training delivering over 100,000 hours of instruction to over 60,000 participants. 


Chief Technical Officer

Sean D. Best is Lang Capital Group’s Chief Technical Officer. Mr. Best is a seasoned Senior System Engineer with over 25years of experience in the area of hardware, software, network implementation and analysis of complex systems. Mr. Best has utilized his technical expertise and made his brand on projects encompassing all genres of industries, advertising medians and campaigns. He has acquired contracts with corporations, businesses and organizations across the country. This has allowed his creative work to be seen regionally, nationally and internationally. He explores transform ideas into reality through multifaceted fields including computer systems engineering, product distribution, business feasibility analysis, live multi- media production and streaming, software/APP development, fiber optics, biometric sciences, telecommunications, and more.

A veteran in Professional Information Systems Technology, Mr. Best has implemented projects specializing in physical security throughout the United States. His expertise is in planning, developing scope, system design, system configuration and implementing enterprise level security systems. He provides technical engineering support to ensure the efficient implementation, integration, operation and documentation of all types of technical security systems such as digital video, access control, gunshot detection and smart technology.

Mr. Best has built relationships and provided technical solutions to the G4S Secure Solutions, Motorola, Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago Housing Authority, City Colleges of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, O’hare Airport Department of Aviation, Loyola University Chicago Medical Center, Chicago Foundation for Woman, University of Chicago, Burrell Advertising, HBO Def Jam, Soft Sheen Carson, Apostolic Faith Church, Chicago Black Expo, SCR Transportation, Remy Martin, DuSable Museum, Annie Lee Art Gallery and many more. As Principle Investigator on these projects, Mr. Best manages various teams to work quickly understand the long-term and short-term goals while keeping current business system direction.


Director of Education Partnerships & Site Management

Darrell Henline is Lang Capital Group’s Director of Education Partnerships & Site Management.


Henline brings 30+ years executive experience in leadership, purchasing, finance, marketing, education and technology.  


Darrell has served as Accountant and Controller for an electronics chain for over two decades and currently serves as a Consultant for the establishment. He has also served as Controller for a private education institution. Darrell taught elementary music and has written and directed several drama and music productions. 


Darrell’s experience in finance and leadership led him to found Henline Consulting in 2016. 

Darrell’s work as a Consultant has included corporate financials, payroll, and working with CEO’s. 


Prior to joining the Lang Capital Group’s team, Darrell has worked with the City of Fort Wayne in purchasing, Controller for Classic Stereo, Controller for Horizon Christian Academy and Minister of Music for Statewood Baptist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 


BS in Entrepreneurship

Brian Letzter is Lang Capital Group's (LCG) Director of Digital Fundraising. Brian brings more than five years of online fundraising, marketing, and business development.


For the past three years, Brian has served as the COO & Co-Founder of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) fundraising startup, HowToFund, where he's helped schools and nonprofits across the US launch online fundraising campaigns and host events. Brian has helped these groups launch to build their online presence from scratch, while giving donors the transparency they need.


Prior to LCG, Brian served four years in the United States Army as a Calvary Scout and served one tour in Iraq. Brian was awarded two Army Commedation Medals and three Army Achievement Medals while engaging in reconnaissance missions overseas and during his Army career. Following his service, Brian attended Illinois State University where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship and is now pursuing a Masters Degree in Marketing at UIC Chicago.

Tiffany Flores has more than a dozen years of experience in social services and grant development, with the past seven years solely focused on helping organizations submit winning grant proposals for strong programs. Flores has developed winning proposals for a wide variety of large and small organizations, including community organizations, educational institutions, providers of health and human services, and local governments. She is especially experienced with Department of Justice, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Department of Education, and private foundation grants. Flores has a particular interest and expertise in supporting programs in rural areas.


MSW, Indiana University


Smith has been written up in Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, Fortune Small Business, and many others. He is a Top Publicity Expert and author of Million Dollar Press Releases: Guide to Boosting Profits Using FREE Publicity.

Smith is host of Million Dollar Marketing, a TV Show that airs in the Chicago area as well as a business columnist for leading online sites. He has been the secret weapon behind many multi-million dollar product launches and marketers.

LCG realize that for small non-profits or membership organizations, gaining free or low-cost publicity is key to your organization’s success. But we also recognize that many organizations rely on multi-tasking staff and/or volunteers to launch and maintain these publicity efforts.  That is why we’ve added Top Publicity Expert Robert Smith to the team.


MSHSA, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Chicago, Illinois

Diane Phillips is Political Strategy Advisor for Lang Capital Group. Phillips has held faculty positions, worked in institutional research, administered large grant-funded programs, served as an external evaluator of grant projects, worked in research administration, and been the director of international non-profits.  She has extensive experience related to all aspects of and considerations regarding externally funded programs. Phillips is particularly adept at program planning and has shown the ability to apply these skills across a broad range of academic disciplines (i.e., the sciences, law, humanities, social sciences, business, and education) as well as a variety of settings (i.e., higher education, K-12 education, continuing and community-based education, healthcare, and international programs). Her grant writing experience includes applications to NIH, HHS, HRSA, DOC, NSF, DOE, ED, USDA, the US Department of Justice, and a variety of local, community, regional, national, and international foundations.


BFA, University of Illinois Chicago

Ross has over 16 years of experience in program design, project management, and strategic communications, including 13 years of experience managing grant proposals and grant seeking strategies for universities and healthcare providers. Throughout her career, Ross has contributed to public policy initiatives with a focus on public health, community and economic development, affordable housing initiatives and has contributed to national policy aimed at ending chronic homelessness.  She specializes in the submission of federal and state proposals for the advancement of community initiatives including economic development, safe and affordable housing, transportation and infrastructure, environmental remediation, alternative energy, and public safety. 

Miller has ten years of grant writing experience. Prior to coming to Lang Capital Group, she worked at two large academic health sciences centers, working in interdisciplinary community-health-related centers with faculty and physicians from many different specialties. Miller has the most grant writing experience in the post-secondary education and health and human services arenas. She has predominantly written grants for the following funding agencies:  NIH and U.S. Department of Education funding opportunities. 



Lang Capital Group, NFP (LCG) is an advisory firm that specializes in grant writing, partnerships, business development, and growth strategies for nonprofits and small and mid-sized businesses.

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